• Hiking Copland Valley & Welcome Flat

    It’s a great time to be on the South Island of New Zealand. The weather is getting warmer, the plains of Canterbury are (relatively) green and best of all, the hordes of travelers that turn the South Island’s main thoroughfares into parking lots for campervans in high summer haven’t arrived yet. As a traveler myself,…

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  • Looking Back: Meeting a Mega-Hiker

    In about two weeks, I will finish taking my last semester of college classes and graduate from Penn State with a journalism degree. I spent a lot of my time in college writing, but not much time maintaining a blog or promoting my work. With that in mind, my next several posts will be pieces…

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  • Early Spring Hike: Tussey Mountain Trail

    Early spring can be a rough time for hikers and lovers of the outdoors here in Central PA. The snow is melting, leaving the trees bare and brown, but the first green signs of spring’s arrival haven’t surfaced yet. It would be easy to give up on getting outside until the last vestiges of winter…

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