Friday Fan Club, Vol. 6

Five things from the Internet that I’m a fan of this week:

  • There’s a lot of talk here in Idaho and other low-population Western states about migration, particularly from Californians. In Boise, we even had a politician make a campaign promise to levy an extra tax against people who recently moved here. So this infographic from High Country News that shows where people are actually moving between the Western states is eye-opening. It confirms some things I thought were happening, and refutes others. Check it out!
  • Here’s an interesting look into e-bikes from Treehugger, which shows that compared to regular bikes, e-bikes are ridden more and for longer distances. Other studies have shown that consumers tend to buy e-bikes to replaces cars, not push bikes. The take-home? E-bikes aren’t a threat to cyclists and their egos, rather they are a serious commuter tool that should be embraced by anyone who’s into sustainable transportation. (side note: years ago, when Treehugger first hit my radar, I recall it being mainly puff pieces about sustainable products and eco-friendly cabins and the like. Now there’s some content worth your time)

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