Friday Fan Club, Vol. 5

Five things from the Internet that I’m a fan of on this Friday:

  • This week, NBA players decided to boycott their own games in protest against police violence. For some reason, this clip of commentator (and former player) Kenny Smith choosing to walk off set in support of the players was the video clip that really put it into perspective for me. I’m a big basketball fan, and I love that the NBA leads the way among sports leagues on social issues. I saw many people commenting on social media this week that “the NBA won’t solve anything, who cares” but it’s obvious that people do care — enough to comment, read the news, find out why the games were cancelled. One immediate effect is that NBA owners have agreed to use arenas as polling places during the upcoming presidential election. I think that’s a big deal.
  • Bikepacking is all the rage these days, so I guess it was just a matter of time until someone decided to do this. (via
  • A member of the Trump clan might have accomplished something good for once — the Pebble Mine in Alaska has been rejected, for now. And while environmentalists and indigenous Alaskans have been fighting this for years, Donald Trump Jr’s tweet in opposition might have been the deciding factor.
US Army Engineers Abruptly Reverse Course, Rejecting Alaska's Pebble Mine

This song, always, but especially as summer comes to an end

  • Backpacker Magazine doesn’t really have a lot of long-form features these days, but sometimes, when they do them, they’re really good.

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