Friday Fan Club, Vol. 4

Five things from the Internet that I’m a fan of on this Friday:

  • National Geographic’s beautiful feature story about New Zealand’s Whanganui River – the first river in the world to be granted the legal rights of a person. This follows a similar designation for NZ’s former national park Te Urewera, which I was lucky enough to visit in 2015 during a stoat-trapping trip. While the United States still leads the way in many ways on public lands, this is one idea we could (but likely never will) adopt.
Interior Space ISS
  • As California faces down yet another vicious fire season (and by the way folks, while August is fire season for most of the West, it’s actually about a month or a month and a half early for California…) its a great time to plug PBS’s The Big Burn. If you can only watch one documentary about wildland fire, make it this one.

Happy weekend!

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