Friday Fan Club, Vol. 1

Every week I plan to post a round up of cool stuff I’ve found on the internet or elsewhere. I don’t have a good name for it yet. Here we go:

A cool video about an ice-skating expedition in the Arctic Circle, from Luc Mehl:

The front page of this 1918 Idaho newspaper has an interesting news article about the Spanish flu and the precautions taken in the state during that pandemic.

This cool set of interviews (by Amanda Monthei for Outside Magazine) with the women who worked as wildland firefighters with the U.S. Forest Service in years past.

There’s a new bikepacking route in Idaho, that’s been dubbed the “Thunder in Paradise” route by creator Matthew Wordell. This 3-day, 98-mile is a nice, shorter alternative to the well-known (but much longer) established routes in Idaho. Of course, there are thousands of miles of gravel roads to ride your bike on in the state, but sometimes it’s nice to follow a route that you know will go.

These highly stylized versions of classic fiddle tunes played by Rob Stenson on fretless banjo:

And finally, Justin Housman’s essay in praise of adult beginners in Adventure Journal, which is an ode to one my joys in life: learning new skills.

Happy weekend.

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